Hypercampus is the name of a collection of digital objects. Digital objects here are understood to be digitally native objects. One of the peculiar things about digitally native objects is that they can be transformed and it is impossible to find out a narrative of this transformation. We intend to work with such objects.

The act of collecting digital objects does not elevate them in any way. On the contrary, the intention is to celebrate and retain the ethnicity of the object as much as possible. Objects do not possess any character. Whatever character is projected on them is artificial and fake. It does not stick to the object per se and remains aloof from it. This aloofness forms a layer or narrative which is very interesting for digital collectors. Because this layer is simultaneously present with the actual presence of the object. Attempts to project on it and remnants of any failed attempts — each leave a mark of some kind.

In their base form digital objects are pixels, only narrative projections of one kind or another that allow these objects to be believed in as significant cultural material. Digital collectors try to be specialists at handling this material. Digital material is not new to us, but it isn’t old either. Transformation and decay have prevented objects from becoming truly digital. The concept of the truly digital has vexed us collectively and we might even be close to its partial meaning yet.

Like most material forms, the digital also does not reveal itself to us fully. It reveals itself to us only in bits, parts and spurts…. We can create a query of sorts as a part of which we can look into the conditions of digital-hood and details of its material nature. But, I feel there is an equal amount to be learnt from a theoretical understanding of the subject as there is by a practical exploration of the digital space. Social media is exploding with content. Much of it is is purely made for the engaging the other. It lacks any self-reflective nature. Would much of it be collectible?

In one of the subsequent texts we will examine notions of what the ‘collectible’ is.

There is a strong identification with different positions within social media platforms. There are leaders and laid-back figures, figures who seem to have a sense of what people want and there are those who seem to be indifferent…

The spaces that these figures occupy needs to be marked out to identify the latent narrative potential of the social media space. Social media spaces can be used for far more than posturing.
What is the collection envisioned as and what will it shape into?

The collection will comprise of pictures, text and textures. The format is so open because we intend to scout for the material that exists in the digital format and then frame the guidelines to fit accordingly. Criteria will be articulated for each of these content-types for all of us to know.

These criteria will be updated as we go along. This will progress our understanding of what the collection is and what it will become.

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